As an experienced electrician in Hemel Hempstead, I have handled hundreds of

different lighting concerns and problems for customers throughout the Hertfordshire

area – from installation queries to getting the correct bulbs for a particularly

uncommon fitting or fixture, in over a decade of operating as an electrician in

Hertfordshire I’ve helped with a whole host of technical difficulties, helping

homeowners and small business holders alike get their lighting back up and running.

Lighting difficulties can, more often than not, be related to the light switches

themselves that are in use. While power cuts and fuse shortening claim their fair

share when it comes to causing problems in illuminating homes, there will often be a

more simple explanation relating to the switch or internal wiring. Whether the

problem is related to a buzzing, hot or ineffective switch, there are a number of steps

to take to identify the cause of the issue. While operating as an electrician in Hemel

Hempstead, these are often the first points of call for me when concerns regarding

light fixtures are raised.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights often indicate that there is either a problem with the security of the

bulb being used, or that there may be loose wire connections somewhere along the

internal line. If a light is flickering it means that there is a very loose link in the chain

somewhere which will need to be attended to. This may mean a simply bulb

replacement or tightening, or can even require rewiring or replacement of the light

switch in question.

Non-operating lights or switch

If either a switch or a light fixture appear to be at fault to point of there being no

activity whatsoever, it is highly likely that there are either loose connections or bare

wiring connecting to the switch housing. This is also the most likely scenario where

a new light switch will be required entirely; particularly if checks on fuses, circuit

breakers and bulbs have been made.

Fuse and Circuit Breaker Problems

Some homeowners may find that they are constantly having to check their fuse

boxes and circuit breakers whenever they are switching lights on. This issue can

normally be pinpointed to either loose connections or a faulty switch, or it could even

mean that the circuit is overloaded – there is likely to be a reasonable explanation for

breaks in the chain, making it important for all areas to be checked thoroughly.

Hot or Buzzing Switches

This is a less common problem for homeowners but it still provides concern for many

– and I have attended to my share of buzzing switches in my work as an electrician

in Hertfordshire. If your light switch is warmer than usual and it is a standard switch

emitting an odd ‘buzzing’ noise, it is likely that there could be bare wiring or loose

connections somewhere along the internal chain – meaning that wiring will either

need to be tightened, or replacements will need to be made.

Safety First

It may seem like a no-brainer but it is extremely important for your own safety that

electricity is disabled before any internal work is carried out on any switches or

fittings. It is also essential that you hire a professional to carry out any such work –

one with relative experience and qualifications to ensure that they are making sure

your safety is paramount as well as making sure that the job is completed

satisfactorily. It is worth bearing this in mind if you are searching for an electrician in

Hemel Hempstead!

If you are in need of a visit from an electrician in Hertfordshire and are concerned

about lighting connectivity problems in your home, why not call me at your

convenience? I am able to provide a safe and assured service 24 hours a day, 7

days a week – all you ever need do is call!

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